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By Frank Lost

Nazi secrets and techniques are bizarre adequate. it truly is hence pointless so as to add extra fantasies to the real historic evidence within the box of Nazi occultism, in particular in terms of their expeditions and their pseudo-scientific researches.

The precise novice of sensational and weird tales can nonetheless be totally chuffed with Himmler's Witch venture, or the hole Earth Theory.

In many facets, the Nazi period was once like a breach in area and time. What occurred in the course of those virtually 12 years of dictatorship, on the center of Europe in a single of the main civilized and industrially complex international locations, doesn't fit the ethical, philosophical and spiritual values that prevailed in every single place else whilst on the planet. there's accordingly a necessity to revisit all old evidence associated with Nazi "oddities" that one not often unearths in mainstream historians' books.

This publication goals at setting apart those proof, despite the fact that esoteric and unusual they are often, from post-war fabrications and advertisement lies. The beginner of mysteries and darkish secrets and techniques aren't disenchanted, although, seeing that during this quest truth is usually stranger than fiction.

CONTENTS: (including infrequent pictures)


Non-Whites & Jews within the German Army

Spring of lifestyles and child Abductions

Lake Toplitz: the Nazi Abyss


The Underground Reich

Der Riese

The Jonas Valley

Wonder Weapons


The hole Earth Theory

World Ice Theory


The Ahnenerbe

Cancelled expeditions

Human experiments

The Wewelsburg

Hexen Files

Hitler and Magic

Wotan and the Aryan Archetype


The Morning of the Magicians

Hitler's Death

The Mystic Treasure of the SS

Fantasy ask yourself Weapons

Die Glocke


Nazi UFOs

The Amerika Bomber Project

The Genocide

Nazism turns into a semi-religious movement

The Black Sun

The Vril

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Ra dies after 12 hours of reign and resuscitates as Osiris throughout the subsequent 12 hours, and then the latter dies to be reborn as Ra. Osiris stands for the Black solar, and this typical cycle is tuned to the rhythm of our day-by-day organic body structure, in addition to to our souls reincarnating from a physique to a different. The Mesoamerican mythology – The Mesoamerican myths are shared by way of, between others, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Mexicas and the Toltecs. One trendy god universal to those humans is Quetzalcoatl, actually "feathered serpent," who incarnates one of many many mystical ideals of the Black sunlight in relevant the United States. After his shining passage in the course of the sky in the course of the day, he might dive into the underworld with a blackened air of mystery. The Aztecs in comparison the passage of the sunlight into the underworld with a butterfly, that is an archetype for transformation and reincarnation. the one occasion whilst the Black solar would seem in the course of the day will be a sun eclipse. He could then be pointed out with the earth goddess Itzpapalotl, often known as the "Obsidian Butterfly" (obsidian is a really darkish volcanic stone), who may devour males in the course of that extraordinary cosmic occasion. while the Aztecs believed in 5 successive worlds such as 5 suns, the 5th being ours, the Mexicas held the Black sunlight for such an old sunlight that was once the feminine starting place of every thing. it may be visible as a fecundity image coming from the womb of loss of life, i. e. , a metempsychosis or reincarnation precept. The alchemical Sol Niger – Alchemy, hermeticism and gnosis let us know of the lifestyles of 2 hostile Manichaean ideals, corresponding, in our case, to 2 suns: an obvious fabric one (or "material gold") and a hidden one (or "philosophical gold"). the cloth solar of our planetary approach, which consumes itself via an easy nuclear fusion according to hydrogen, may as such very likely be visible as a "Dark Sun," yet nonetheless now not a black one. the stern alchemical precept of Sol Niger (literally: "Black sunlight" in Latin) refers back to the first level of the Magnum Opus (i. e. , the good paintings, on the finish of which creation of gold is obtained), also known as the Nigredo or blackening part. thought of from an operative view aspect, the Magnum Opus resembles tremendously to the actual precept of nuclear fusion, yet one aren't overlook the speculative or mystical element of this alchemical approach which could additionally seek advice from an inner non secular transformation, popularized less than others through Paulo Coelho in his booklet The Alchemist. The Egyptian and traditionally unrelated Mesoamerican myths of the Black solar pertaining to dying, rebirth and fecundity consider the underlying alchemical middleman notion of Putrefactio (putrefaction or rotting in Latin). A Black sunlight will be visible within the colourful alchemical manuscript referred to as attractiveness Solis ("The elegance of the Sun"), allegedly written in 1532/1535 by way of Solomon Trismosin, the religious father of Paracelsus. This solar is just in part noticeable, should be environment or emerging, in a desolated dried panorama of leafless bushes, although last golden rays of sunshine might be noticeable radiating weakly out of it.

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