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The Agricola is either a portrait of Julius Agricola—the most famed governor of Roman Britain and Tacitus' well-loved and revered father-in-law—and the 1st designated account of england that has come right down to us. It deals attention-grabbing descriptions of the geography, weather and peoples of the rustic, and a succinct account of the early phases of the Roman career, approximately fatally undermined by means of Boudicca's rebellion in advert sixty one yet consolidated by way of campaigns that took Agricola so far as Anglesey and northerly Scotland. The warlike German tribes are the point of interest of Tacitus' cognizance within the Germania, which, just like the Agricola, usually compares the behaviour of "barbarian" peoples favourably with the decadence and corruption of Imperial Rome.

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N. 21, 28 with n. sixty eight, nn. seventy one, seventy four, eighty three, 37 with n. 103 Julius Civilis, C. , chief of the Batavian rebel: Intro. A5–6; Agr. n. 60; Germ. nn. 25, seventy eight, eighty two, eighty five, ninety, a hundred and five Julius Frontinus, intercourse. , governor of Britannia 74–7: Intro. A6; Agr. 17 with n. sixty two Julius Graecinus, L. , father of Agricola: Agr. four with nn. 11–12 Junius Arulenus Rusticus, Q. , finished below Domitian: Intro. C2; Agr. 2 with n. three, n. ninety eight, forty five with n. 103 Junius Mauricus, brother of Arulenus Rusticus: Intro. C2; Agr. forty five with n. 103 Junius Silanus, M. , enemy of the emperor Gaius: Agr. four with n. 12 Laertes, father of Ulysses: Germ. three Licinius Crassus, M. , rival and best friend of Caesar and Pompey: Germ. 37 with n. a hundred Licinius Mucianus, C. , supporter of Vespasian in civil wars: Agr. 7 with n. 20 Livy (T. Livius), Roman historian (59 BC–AD 17): Agr. 10 with n. 27 Lollius, M. , Roman normal: Germ. n. eighty three Mallius Maximus, Cn. , consul a hundred and five BC: Germ. 37 with n. a hundred and one Manlius Valens, C. , Roman officer in Britannia: Agr. n. forty nine Mannus, mythic ancestor of the Germani: Germ. 2 with n. five Marius, C. , Roman common: Intro. A1–2; Germ. n. ninety six, 37 with n. 103 Maroboduus, king of the Marcomani: Germ. nn. 107, a hundred and ten, 112, 118, forty two with n. one hundred twenty, nn. 124, 126 Mars, Roman god: Germ. nine with n. 28 Massa Baebius, see Baebius Massa Masyus, king of the Semnones: Germ. n. a hundred and ten Mauricus, see Junius Mauricus Mercury, Roman god: Germ. nine with n. 28 Messalinus, see Valerius Catullus Messalinus Mettius Carus, prosecutor less than Domitian: Agr. forty five with n. 104 Mucianus, see Licinius Mucianus Nero (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus), emperor 54–68: Intro. A5, C2; Agr. n. three, 6 with n. 18, n. 50, forty five Nerthus, Germanic goddess: Germ. forty with n. 114 Nerva (born M. Cocceius Nerva; imperial identify Imperator Nerva Caesar Augustus), emperor 96–8: Agr. three with n. 7, n. 102; Germ. n. 118 Njorthr, Norse god: Germ. n. 114 Octavian, see Augustus Ostorius Scapula, P. , governor of Britannia 47–52: Agr. 14 with n. forty six Otho (M. Salvius Otho), emperor January to April sixty nine: Agr. n. 17, 7 with n. 19 Pacorus, Parthian prince: Germ. 37 with n. a hundred Paetus Thrasea, see Clodius Thrasea Paetus Papirius Carbo, Cn. , consul 113 BC: Germ. 37 with n. a hundred and one Paul the Deacon, Lombard historian: Germ. n. 112 Peducaeus Priscinus, Q. , consul ninety three: Agr. forty four Petilius Cerialis Caesius Rufus, Q. , governor of Britannia 71–3: Intro. A5–6; Agr. eight with n. 23, 17 with nn. 60–61; Germ. n. a hundred and five Petronius Turpilianus, P. , governor of Britannia 61–3: Agr. sixteen with n. fifty seven Plautius, A. , governor of Britannia 43–7: Intro. A4; Agr. n. forty four, 14 with n. forty five Pliny (the more youthful; C. Plinius Secundus), Roman author and pal of Tacitus: Intro. A6, B1–2, C2; Agr. n. 104 Pompeius Collega, intercourse. , consul ninety three: Agr. forty four Pompeius Magnus, Cn. (Pompey the Great), Roman basic: Intro. A2 Prasutagus, king of the Iceni, husband of Boudicca: Agr. n. fifty two Priscinus, see Peducaeus Priscinus Priscus Helvidius, see Helvidius Priscus Pytheas, Greek navigator, energetic within the overdue fourth century BC: Agr. n. 31 Quinctilius Varus, P. , Roman common defeated in Germania: Intro. A3; Agr. n. fifty three; Germ.

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