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By Fredric Sweney

Hundreds of thousands of years after guy first recorded his impressions of animals on cave partitions, artists are nonetheless trying to reproduce photos of those enormously various creatures of land, sea, and air. This ebook through an award-winning artist is designed to help painters in any respect ability degrees to attract and paint natural world with precision and accuracy.

Award-winning artist Fredric Sweney starts off by utilizing the pony because the foundation for knowing the actual constitution of animals, whereas the wild duck serves because the version for the configuration, wing development, and flight features of birds. greater than 260 illustrations, besides step by step info, make it more straightforward and extra relaxing than ever to color a Noah's Ark of canine, cats, oxen, deer, bears, birds, goats, and extra unique animals--in each dimension and form.

An useful advisor to zoological anatomy, perfect for rookies in addition to complicated artists, this entire, functional reference also will function an outstanding source for resolving average difficulties of creative composition.

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