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By William Shakespeare


generally set in Milan, this comedy is the tale of 2 newly-arrived Veronese pals, Valentine and Proteus. either vie for the Duke's daughter's hand, with plenty of laughter resulting.

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Thou, Julia, thou hast metamorphosed me, Made me overlook my experiences, lose my time, conflict with stable suggestions, set the realm at nought; Made wit with musing susceptible, center ill with inspiration. input velocity velocity Sir Proteus, prevent! observed you my grasp? PROTEUS yet now he parted consequently, to embark for Milan. pace Twenty to 1 then he's shipp’d already, and i've play’d the sheep in wasting him. PROTEUS certainly, a sheep doth quite often stray, An if the shepherd be it slow away. velocity You finish that my grasp is a shepherd, then, and that i a sheep? PROTEUS I do. velocity Why then, my horns are his horns, no matter if I wake or sleep. PROTEUS A foolish resolution and becoming good a sheep. velocity This proves me nonetheless a sheep. PROTEUS real; and thy grasp a shepherd. velocity Nay, that i will deny via a situation. PROTEUS It shall pass demanding yet I’ll end up it through one other. pace The shepherd seeks the sheep, and never the sheep the shepherd; yet I search my grasp, and my grasp seeks no longer me: for this reason i'm no sheep. PROTEUS The sheep for fodder keep on with the shepherd; the shepherd for foodstuff follows no longer the sheep: thou for wages followest thy grasp; thy grasp for wages follows now not thee: for that reason thou paintings a sheep. pace Such one other facts will make me cry ‘baa. ’ PROTEUS yet, dost thou listen? gavest thou my letter to Julia? velocity Ay sir: I, a misplaced mutton, gave your letter to her, a laced mutton, and she or he, a laced mutton, gave me, a misplaced mutton, not anything for my labour. PROTEUS Here’s too small a pasture for such shop of muttons. pace If the floor be overcharged, you have been most sensible stick her. PROTEUS Nay: in that you're off beam, ‘twere top pound you. velocity Nay, sir, below a pound shall serve me for wearing your letter. PROTEUS You mistake; I suggest the pound,--a pinfold. velocity From a pound to a pin? fold it again and again, ‘Tis threefold too little for sporting a letter on your lover. PROTEUS yet what acknowledged she? pace [First nodding] Ay. PROTEUS Nod--Ay--why, that’s noddy. pace You mistook, sir; I say, she did nod: and also you question me if she did nod; and that i say, ‘Ay. ’ PROTEUS And that set jointly is noddy. pace Now you've got taken the trials to set it jointly, take it on your pains. PROTEUS No, no; you shall have it for bearing the letter. velocity good, I understand i need to be fain to undergo with you. PROTEUS Why sir, how do you undergo with me? velocity Marry, sir, the letter, very orderly; having not anything however the notice ‘noddy’ for my pains. PROTEUS Beshrew me, yet you have got a short wit. velocity And but it can't overtake your sluggish handbag. PROTEUS Come come, open the problem briefly: what stated she? velocity Open your handbag, that the cash and the problem will be either instantly introduced. PROTEUS good, sir, here's on your pains. What stated she? velocity really, sir, i feel you’ll hardly ever win her. PROTEUS Why, couldst thou understand a lot from her? velocity Sir, i may understand not anything in any respect from her; no, no longer quite a bit as a ducat for providing your letter: and being so demanding to me that introduced your brain, I worry she’ll end up as not easy to you in telling your brain.

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